The Retirement Corporation of America


G E N E ® A T I O N ®

Retire Right. It's a New Day!
If you were born between 1946 and 1964 you’re a member of the R Generation.

Why we're called the R Generation

We're considered by many to be the most revolutionary generation in the history of America. We revolutionized music, travel, medicine, technology — you name it. The R Generation has truly changed the world. Now we're going to redefine and revolutionize the way we think about retirement!

The Revolution is about to begin...

R is for Revolution. As a member of the R Generation we won't retire to do nothing, we'll retire to do everything. All the things we've always dreamed of doing. We're going to live longer, work longer, play longer. And we need to be ready to retire right!

A Richer Life For Every American™

To help us enjoy this richer life—the Retirement Corporation of America has created The R Account—a retirement investment account specifically developed to provide the management services of a Registered Investment Adviser. It is the one account for all your retirement assets — delivered with our dedication to fulfilling our fiduciary responsibility to you.

R is for “Registered.”

With The R Account, you have access to, and the added security of, the professional services available through a Registered Investment Adviser. And, you’ll enjoy greater peace-of-mind knowing your retirement account is being professionally managed. To see which program best suites your needs, see Programs Overview >