The Retirement Corporation of America

Your Thinking-About-Withdrawals Questionnaire

THERE'S A LOT to think about when it comes to managing your retirement savings accounts. You want to create the right ones for your individual retirement strategy. You want to keep close watch on them to make sure you are doing everything right. And you want to be sure that you understand all the rules about making withdrawals from your retirement savings accounts when the time comes.

Here are the key points you should be keeping tabs on and thinking about. Run down the list. If you answer "no" to a question, think about what you might do to rectify the situation and jot down your thoughts so you can follow up.

1. I participate in my company's defined benefit pension plan.
2. I participate in my company's 401(k) plan.
3. I have created a traditional IRA.
4. I have created a Roth IRA.
5. I have purchased at least one annuity.
6. If self-employed, I have created a Keogh plan or the equivalent.
7. I have an idea of how much is in each plan, without looking at the statements.
8. I have a financial plan I am comfortable with.
9. I have a retirement plan I am comfortable with.
10. I have at least a rough draft of a retirement budget.
11. I have a pretty good idea of whether or not I will work in retirement.
12. I have had an estimated Social Security Benefit Statement prepared for me by the SSA.
13. I understand the rules about when I can first withdraw retirement savings without penalty.
14. I understand the rules about when I must start withdrawals from retirement savings plans.
15. I am pretty sure I know when I want to begin collecting Social Security.