The Retirement Corporation of America


Financial Care™

At RCA, we seek to serve client families as their “Retirement Specialist” with our focus upon:

•  Creating a specific Family Master Plan®
•  Ongoing measurement and monitoring of risk and reward
•  Building and enjoying warm relationships

Working with RCA, our clients seek:

•  To replace their paycheck
•  To manage the downside of risk and the upside of returns
•  To put in place proper checks and balances
•  To provide regular portfolio reports that are easy to understand

Over the past 27 years, through ongoing client feedback, we've learned that our clients enjoy the comfort of having direct access to our team of client service professionals. We've also come to realize clients appreciate the convenience of having “one advisory firm” for guidance on their retirement financial services. This is The R Account.

We seek to deliver regular income and consistent investment results from our selected Money Masters — through periods of constant change — so our clients can be positioned to Retire in Comfort and Enjoy a Richer Life.