The Retirement Corporation of America

The R Account®

The R Account is a retirement investment account that RCA has developed to provide the management services of a Registered Investment Adviser. It is the one account for all your retirement assets — delivered with our dedication to fulfilling our fiduciary responsibility to you, the client.

For the past 27 years, we have been refining our programs, controls and services to create an account that seeks to accomplish the objectives of our original clients: To provide one simplified retirement account that can provide a consistent stream of income and also deliver growth of investments as required — through periods of constant change. Our goal is to allow you to "Retire in Comfort".

R is for “Registered.”

With The R Account, you have access to, and the added security of, the professional services available through a Registered Investment Adviser. And, you’ll enjoy greater peace-of-mind knowing your retirement account is being professionally managed.

As your Registered Investment Adviser, we employ qualified financial planning professionals who are certified as Certified Financial Planners, Chartered Retirement Plans Specialists and Chartered Financial Analyst charterholders. RCA and its employees are also regulated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"). We prepare your investment portfolio to meet your personal goals and objectives — then manage its progress on a daily basis.

There are three unique Programs within The R Account which offer the following key benefits:

•    Clearly defined risk parameters—measured daily
•    Realistic performance targets—measured daily
•    Clearly defined roles of advisory accountability
•    Clearly defined compliance checks and balances
•    ClearView Reporting System

To see which program best suites your needs, see Programs Overview >