The Retirement Corporation of America

Accumulate With ConfidenceSM

The Accumulate With Confidence Program is designed for individuals who are primarily accumulating assets and do not need to take a series of regular income distributions from their account.

In most cases, clients in this program are earning a regular stream of income and have additional assets to periodically invest into their accounts. We advise clients in the Accumulation Phase to focus on growth so they can focus on income during the Distribution Phase. And, early positive results provide the additional benefit of compounding over long periods of time. Key program benefits may include:

•    Management of your portfolio to maximize the rate-of-return within your investment objectives and profile
•    Coordination of budget, tax, insurance, 401(K), and investment professionals to help manage your affairs
•    Management of risk and reward through up and down markets to protect and maximize your assets
•    Investment of your assets using our Money Masters >

For clients in the Accumulate With Confidence Program, RCA may also offer advice on matters including:

•    Cash Flow & Budgeting
•    Tax Planning
•    Insurance Review & Planning
•    Education Planning
•    Estate Review & Planning
•    Employee Benefits & 401(k) Guidance

To learn more, we encourage you to sign up for our "Accumulate With Confidence" Workshop >


Note: RCA generally requires an account minimum of $250,000 for investment management services provided in its Accumulate With Confidence Program, using The R Account. When a consolidated client account value in this program falls below $250,000 in value, the minimum quarterly fee of $750 may be charged. Our Fees >