The Retirement Corporation of America

Money Masters 401(k) Program™

The Money Masters 401(k) Program is designed for individuals who are primarily accumulating assets and do not need to take a series of regular income distributions from their account.

RCA provides managed access to a group of mutual fund managers whose job it is to grow the retirement savings being invested by employees during the Accumulation Phase of their financial lives.

We advise clients in the Accumulation Phase to focus on growth so they can focus on income during the Distribution Phase. The goal is, subject to your time until retirement, to build your 401(k) Portfolio to an amount large enough to replace your paycheck when you are ready to retire.

We believe employees should be able to create a sufficient amount of retirement income through their 401(k) plans with professional planning and proper asset allocation. Unfortunately, millions will instead reach retirement without enough money. It doesn’t have to be that way. The Money Masters 401(k) Program offers multiple levels of service — from personalized oversight of existing 401(k) accounts to complete 401(k) plans to enable companies to deliver a truly valuable benefit to their employees while helping participants achieve their retirement goals.

The Money Masters 401(k) Program focus includes:

•    Building a portfolio large enough to replace your paycheck when retired
•    Focusing on growth now so you can focus on income during the Distribution Phase
•    Understanding that early positive results have the additional benefit of compounding over long periods of time
•    Familiarizing yourself with proven principles of investing and financial planning
•    Building a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding so you become an informed delegator for life
•    Entering the Distribution Phase of life poised to Retire in Comfort

Direct access to the Money Masters 401(k) Program may be available to companies with an established 401(k) plan. Access is also available to companies wishing to start a new 401(k) program for their employees.