The Retirement Corporation of America

Programs Overview

RCA’s specialized retirement planning and advisory services are exclusively offered through The R Account Programs. There are three Programs through which the RCA advisory services are delivered based on your retirement planning profile:

Retire in Comfort Program >
Accumulate with Confidence Program >
Money Masters 401(k) Program >

RCA works closely with each client to define their financial objectives and to develop strategies for reaching those objectives, some of which may include:

•    Investment management
•    Employee benefit and 401(k) guidance
•    Budget planning and withdrawal rate analysis
•    Tax planning, insurance analysis, charitable goals, estate planning; and
•    Family business succession issues, or other items specific to the client.

RCA’s Certified Financial Planners, Chartered Retirement Plans Specialists and Chartered Financial Analyst charterholders deliver advisory services to each client based on their specific needs. As life changes, we make sure we change.  Each client portfolio is measured, monitored and adjusted, as needed, on a regular basis. Our People >

RCA portfolio managers oversee the asset allocation of your investments using our Money Masters Investment Strategy. Money Masters Portfolios are fully managed asset allocated portfolios designed and managed to help you achieve your predefined investment objectives. From over 8,000 money managers, we select our Top 10 stock fund Money Masters and our Top 5 bond fund Money Masters in an effort to maximize the performance potential of your assets.

RCA serves individuals and their related entities, high net worth individuals, pension and profit sharing plans and participants, trusts, estates, charitable organizations, corporations or business entities.