The Retirement Corporation of America

Retire in Comfort® Program

The Retire in Comfort Program is designed for individuals who are planning to retire during the next 24-36 months, or for individuals who have already retired.

In most cases, clients in this program are taking regular income distributions from their accounts in order to replace the cash flow that they received from their paycheck while they were still working.  Key program benefits may include:

•    Management of your portfolio to provide you with a monthly paycheck during your retirement years
•    Coordination of budget, tax, insurance, estate, and investment professionals to help manage your affairs
•    Management of risk and reward through up and down markets to protect and maximize your assets
•    Investment of your assets using our top performing Money Masters >

For clients in the Retire in Comfort Program, RCA also provides advice on matters not involving securities, such as:

•    Retirement Income Planning
•    Personal Financial Planning
•    Withdrawal Rate Analysis

•    Education Planning
•    Cash Flow & Budgeting
•    Employee Benefits & 401(k) Guidance
•    Insurance Review & Planning
•    Corporate Retirement Plan Guidance
•    Estate & Charitable Gift Planning
•    Tax Planning

To learn more, we encourage you to sign up for our “Retire in Comfort” Workshop >

RCA generally requires an account minimum of $1 million for investment management services provided in the Retire in Comfort Program, using The R Account. Clients in this program with assets at or below the minimum account size may be required to pay a higher percentage rate on their annual advisory fees. Our Fees >